Project Lost Sheep is a
non-profit organization that
gives hope and opportunites
to "at risk" children.

About Project Lost Sheep

Project Lost Sheep became a non profit in 1994. Founder, Joyce Dueker, had
a calling from the
Lord to seed the future in children. With pastoral advice,
she started with a core team in California.

The group started and funded programs like touchdown camp, tutoring/
mentoring and
scholarship programs. Project Lost Sheep believes these
enriching activities with good adult
role models can make a difference in the
children's lives and prevent them from following
a common path to drugs
and gangs. Project Lost Sheep believes in education and
encourage campers
to stay in school.

Our small efforts have changed over 1000 children's lives for good and as
this work expands
in time, more children in America will have hope and a
better future.


The Project Lost Sheep non-profit is run by a board of directors:
Silvia Patrica Cardona - President,
Mary Charcape Gonzales - Vice President,
Elaine Biser - Secretary, and Sharon S, Lee - Treasurer.

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Our Mission

At Project Lost Sheep, we believe
in serving
God and our local
communities by providing
to outreach programs
for "at risk" children.

These programs include an
annual summer camp,
tutoring and mentoring services
and college assistance.

Our Programs

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